6 Things You Didn’t Know About Hydronic Heating Radiators
in Hydronic Heating by Michael Eagleton

One of the main reasons that homeowners choose to have hydronic heating radiators installed in their homes is to help them beat the freezing cold floors that are so common during winter. Whilst this is certainly a huge advantage of taking the hydronic route, we would like to point out that there are plenty of other ways that you will benefit. This is why we have chosen to outline 6 things that we’re pretty sure you never knew about this type of heating.

  1. It is powered by warm water
    As the name suggests, hydronic heating radiators are powered by water that is heated by a central boiler before being pushed through piping to your radiators. However, many believe that, for the water to heat the entire home, it must be boiling hot. The truth is, the water leaves the boiler at approximately 70 degrees Celsius – which is still quite warm, but not hot enough to burn.
  2. It’s very efficient
    One of the great things about this type of heating is that it boasts a higher level of energy efficiency than other systems, especially fan-forced ones. Because hot air rises, the placement of vents on the ceiling (as is traditional with fan-forced systems) doesn’t disperse it very well and the floor is often still cold.
  3. It’s very quiet
    The biggest complaint of many homeowners is that their heaters are noisy, especially when they kick in. Hydronic heating radiators, on the other hand, are practically silent. This will allow you to enjoy a nap without being disturbed by the system turning on and off, as well as to leave the system running all night.
  4. It offers even heat levels
    Because the heat is injected into the room via the floor, it gradually moves upwards towards the ceiling. This means that there is an even level of warmth throughout the room; your head will be the same temperature as your feet (often your feet are still freezing!). You will be able to walk around, even on tiles, without socks on!
  5. It’s cost effective
    Another great thing about this type of heating is that it is incredibly efficient – meaning it’s cheaper to operate in the long-run. You can expect to save up to 20% off your heating costs, due to the fact that warm water is a better conductor of heat that air.
  6. It’s hypoallergenic
    If you or your family suffers from asthma or allergies, you will find that hydronic heating is a lifesaver. Because there is no air movement whatsoever, you will find that dust mites and other allergens are barred from being spread around your home where they can be inhaled. It also helps to lessen the cleaning!

Hydronic heating radiators offer an extensive range of benefits – and this short guide only just scratches the surface.Having one of these systems installed in your home will give you plenty of time to discover them all for yourself! If you’re ready to enjoy their advantages yourself, please don’t hesitate to speak with the experienced team at Cambro Boilers today.