Slab Heating

Have you noticed that your feet feel like ice blocks in the dead of winter, even when the heater is turned on? In slab heating systems are the perfect way to keep your whole body warm, from your head to your toes. As it is laid beneath the floor, you’ll experience an even level of warmth from floor to ceiling.

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When can I use hydronic slab heating?

We generally only recommend in slab hydronic heating for brand new homes that are not yet under construction. This is because the pipework must be laid directly into the concrete slab when it is poured. If you are thinking about building your dream home, be sure to get in touch with us right away to ensure that allowances are made for your new under slab heating system.

Why should I choose it?

Concrete slab heating offers a number of advantages, including: keeps your home cleaner for longer (as there is no air circulation), aesthetically pleasing (as there aren’t any radiators or ducts to contend with), provides a healthier environment for asthma and allergy sufferers, is incredibly quiet, and is perfect for homes with high ceilings (which are otherwise chilly).

Will in slab radiant heating damage my flooring?

Not at all! Many people are concerned that hydronic in slab heating in Melbourne won’t be compatible with their choice of flooring, but this is simply not the case – it’s actually suitable for use with most popular types of flooring. Some of these include: natural stone, tiles, timber and even carpet. The heat generated is nowhere near hot enough to damage the flooring, so choose with ease.

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