The Benefits Of Hydronic Heating Radiators
in Hydronic Heating by Michael Eagleton

Panel radiators are mounted on the wall and fed by pipework run either underneath the floor or through the ceiling. Although hydronic heating radiators are not an overly known form of heating here in Australia, we expect that this will change as homeowners catch onto the many benefits that they can provide. We’ve outlined just some of these benefits in the list below for your convenience:

  • Attractive
    One of the first benefits that we feel it is important to point out is that these systems are highly attractive. The radiators are available in a huge array of styles, shapes and colours – plus, once they’re mounted they are fairly unobtrusive and can often go unnoticed (unless you’ve opted for more of a vintage or antique look).
  • Comfortable
    Hydronic heating in general is one of the more comfortable options on the market, as it generates a gentle heat that warms your whole house. The heat radiates outwards from the radiators, keeping the air at a constant temperature. Special thermostats monitor whether the air is cooling or too warm and will regulate the system to compensate.

    In fact, these systems are so comfortable that you can leave them running all winter long without needing to tweak them too much. On days when the sun is shining and the air temperature is warmer, the thermostat will automatically lower itself. On days that are freezing, however, it will kick in immediately to bring the temperature up.
  • Efficient
    As one of the most efficient heating systems currently on the market, they generally utilise gas boilers to achieve efficiency ratings of up to 95%! It is also possible to power your boiler using solar, which makes the system even cheaper and more efficient to run. The efficiency is further improved by the ability to zone, so you only heat the areas being used.

    Also, even though radiators use water as a primary component, the fact that the system is closed means that the water is constantly being recycled and recirculated, meaning that you don’t go through very much at all. You will have to top it up a little each year (as some volume is lost through steam), but in the scheme of things it’s not very much.
  • Healthy
    Many homeowners are surprised to learn that hydronic heating radiators are actually one of the healthier forms of heating available. This is because heat from the hot water actually radiates outwards from the panels, meaning that there aren’t any fans to blow dust and other allergens around your home.

    Not only can this provide relief for asthma and other allergy sufferers, it can lessen the amount of cleaning that your home requires. These systems also don’t create an overly dry or humid environment – dry air can make our skin feel dry and unhealthy, whereas a humid environment can make us feel lethargic and without energy.

As you can see, hydronic heating radiators offer a number of benefits that other forms of heating simply cannot match. If you are looking for the ideal way to keep your home and family warm over the coming winter, this is a solution that we highly recommend. Contact our team for more information or to arrange a quote – you won’t be disappointed!