Trench Heating

It might appear similar to ducted heating on the surface, but electric trench heating has a different operation all together. Instead of using fans to force the hot air out of the cavity (or trench), it uses the convection method. This not only ensures an even level of warmth, it also means it’s almost silent when turned on.

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When can I use trench heating?

We generally recommend floor trench heating in situations where slab heating is not suitable (ie your home has not been built on a concrete slab) and you may not want panel radiators (ie you have floor to ceiling windows or large sliding doors that make radiator placement difficult). This system is laid beneath the floor with a grille to allow heat to escape into the room.

What are my options?

Apart from the fact that one is installed under the floor and the other is mounted on the wall, trench convectors and radiators actually have very similar operation. Trench heating grilles are available in a choice of timber or aluminium; they’re incredibly strong and are able to be walked on. It’s also suitable for use with any type of flooring, as the generated heat is not hot enough to cause damage.

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