Specialists in underfloor heating in Melbourne

Cambro Hydronic Heating supply some of the best hydronic heating systems to the Melbourne area, including: slab heating, hydronic radiators, combined slab and radiator systems, towel rails and trench heating. We also supply boilers to complement our hydronic floor heating supplies.

The team at Cambro Hydronic Heating has more than 40 years experience in the supply of hydronic in floor heating systems to the Melbourne area, so you can rest assured that we know our stuff!

Cost & Energy Efficiency

Our under floor heating systems are both energy efficient and cost effective, making them a great choice for those looking to save money by lowering their bills. Our standard units operate at around 80-85% efficiency, whilst our high efficiency ones operate at around 90-95% efficiency.

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about an under floor heating installation is that it requires very little maintenance throughout its lifetime. Although it is recommended that you have your system professionally serviced every few years to ensure it remains in tip top condition, it is far easier than maintaining other systems.

Workmanship Warranty

We offer a 6 year workmanship warranty on all hydronic underfloor heating systems that we install, along with a certificate of compliance (which states that the under tile floor heating system complies with current regulations). Boilers, panel radiators and so on will be covered by the importer or manufacturer.

But enough about us – why should you choose under the floor heating in the first place? It actually offers a number of benefits, such as:

We have only scraped the surface when it comes to the benefits associated with in floor hydronic heating systems. Check out our specific product pages to learn more or get in touch with us on (03) 8762 5690.

  • Suits Homes with High Ceilings – In ducted systems, heat generally collects at the ceiling and leaves the lower parts of the home cold. In under floor heating systems, on the other hand, heat is evenly dispersed throughout the room from the floor up. This means that the lower part of the room (the part you occupy) is constantly kept warm.
  • Even Level of Warmth – In ducted systems, the fact that air is being forced through the ducts can result in drafts and cold spots. In home floor heating systems, on the other hand, these are a thing of the past. Heat is evenly distributed from floor to ceiling, which results in an even level of warmth throughout the whole home.
  • Suitable for Asthma & Allergy Sufferers – In ducted systems, the movement of air can actually spread dust and other allergens around the home, where they can be inhaled. In underfloor hydronic heating systems, on the other hand, the lack of air movement means that asthma and other allergy sufferers will be able to breathe more easily.

Hydronic Heating

Considered to be the most efficient, comfortable, flexible and innovative form of heating on the market, hydronic heating has been a popular choice for European homes for decades and is fast becoming a popular choice for Australian homes. Our systems are quiet, draft free, great for allergy sufferers, and allow you to control the temperature of your home.

Slab Heating

We generally recommend slab heating for new homes that are under construction. It is laid beneath the floors of the home and radiates heat up into the rooms above. One of the main advantages to this type of system is that there aren’t any ducts or radiators to work around – you can place furniture and décor wherever you want.

Hydronic Radiators

We generally recommend hydronic radiators for existing homes whose heating system you are looking to update. They are mounted on the walls in all the rooms that you wish to heat and radiate heat outwards. Our panel radiators are inherently modern in appearance and sit quite flush to the wall, ensuring that they don’t become a hindrance.


Boilers are used to power our under floor tile heating systems, notably because they are quite effective for quickly and efficiently heating the water that they require. Choose between standard and condensing boilers – the former is more affordable up front, whereas the latter is more affordable to run – both of which can run off LPG or natural gas.

Towel Rails

No one likes getting out of the shower only to discover that their towel still hasn’t dried from yesterday. The addition of a hydronic towel rail can ensure that you never experience damp towels again, not to mention they can effectively heat the bathroom when switched on. On top of this, the rails look fantastic and are a great addition to any home.

Trench Heating

If your home is not built on a slab and you don’t want to ruin the seamless look of your walls with radiators, trench heating is the ideal solution. These systems are laid underneath the floor with a grille that allows heat to escape into the room above. Their operation is very similar to that of radiators, except that they’re not installed on the wall.