Hydronic Radiators

Many people steer clear of panel radiators in Melbourne because they an image in their head of big, ugly units that are commonly found in older homes around the country. Hydronic radiators have come a long way, however – these days, they’re fairly unobtrusive, sit flush to the wall and come in many attractive designs.

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When can I use hydronic radiators?

We generally recommend hydronic heating panels for existing homes whose heating system is no longer cutting it or for homes that aren’t being built on a concrete slab. This is because they can be mounted to the wall in all of the rooms that you wish to heat and are fed by pipes that either run beneath the floor or through the roof space. A single unit is generally sufficient, but larger rooms may require two.

What are my options?

We have a number of hydronic heating radiators to choose from, from uber modern panels to traditional cast iron frames. There are around 120 stock panel sizes available here in Australia, but other sizes are available upon request (please note that they require a longer lead time). Panel radiators come in high gloss white as standard, but other colours from the Dulux range are also available.

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